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Alternative Energy Is a Bright Idea

Invest in the solutions that take your business off the grid. Imagine the relief of an uninterrupted power supply for your business and the added bonus of the tax incentive equal to 125% of your renewable energy investment.

Power-proof your business in 3, 2, 1

Our goal is to get you funded faster and to make repayments easier. Easier to understand and easier to afford thanks to our flexible terms (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) and no early repayment penalties.







Provide a few standard details about you and your business using our secure online application form, upload recent bank statements and you’re done!

Our advanced scoring technology quickly evaluates the real-time performance of your business enabling us to provide you with a commitment-free quote in minutes.

Our goal is to get you funded faster. You’ll know exactly what you owe each month and can even settle up early with zero repayment penalties.

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Where can I calculate my payments?

We've simplified the lending process with our 3, 6, 9 and 12 Month Plans. Every month you pay back 1/3rd, 1⁄6th, 1/9th or 1⁄12th (depending on which plan you choose) of the total advanced amount plus the monthly cost. Monthly Costs are typically 2% - 6% of your advanced amount for the first third of your repayment term (e.g. for 2 months on a 6 month term) and 2% for each of the remaining months. You can pay early and save.

Please visit our Business Funding Calculator to get a better understanding of what your payments will be.

Do I need to submit financial statements?

We only require your latest 3 month's bank transaction history in PDF format. Normally, this can be downloaded for free from your online banking platform. Please be advised that scanned copies are unsuitable as we will not be able to extract the data automatically.

What are your payment terms?

Our funding period is over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

Does Lulalend charge interest?

We do not charge interest. We charge a fixed monthly fee (cost), which is based on a percentage of the principal amount funded and is determined by the overall risk scoring of your business. Visit our funding calculator to see your approximate costs.

How long does the application and approval process take?

The application takes only minutes to complete.

Provided we have all the necessary information, the assessment and allocation of funds can take place within 24 hours. To speed up the approval process, we recommend linking your online bank account, which allows us to see your bank transactions in read-only format.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of funding I can apply for?

Our funding ranges from R10,000 to R5 million.

Can I apply for a re-advance?

Yes. If you choose to repay over 6 months and you meet your repayments, you can apply for a re-advance in less than 4 months. If you choose to repay over 12 months, you will be able to apply for a re-advance in 8 months.

No commitment, withdraw anytime.


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*We require that your business has a minimum annual turnover of R500,000. Your business must also have been actively trading for at least one year.

No commitment, withdraw anytime.